Why I Love My Bullet Blender

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When I worked at a local pharmacy/store back in Alabama, the market came out with this nifty new thing called a bullet blender. This was over ten years ago. I thought it looked pretty darn convenient. Instead of having the large pitcher like a normal blender, it had smaller serving-sized cups that attached to the screw-on blade. You simply turned that upside down and pressed it into a high-speed motor. Voila! Then, you could just pop that baby out of the base, unscrew the blade, rinse/wash it, and use the cup as your actual cup. 

The one I purchased for $16.99 at that little store was a Bella Rocket Blender. It had 4 – 16oz and 2-8oz cups that came with it and also colored screw on “lip savers” to cover the threading at the top. I used that thing and then gave it to my son to use and it was in-use for a decade! You don’t often get that kind of stretch from a product.  

So when I decided to try a new version I studied several brands and wound up with NutriBullet instead. I’ve had this thing for 6 years now (2019) – and it’s still going strong. What I like about this brand is that there are many more attachments, replacement parts, and it has a more powerful motor than my original. I wonder if I’ll get as many years out of it as we did out of the Bella? I was about to purchase a few more cups, lids and “lip-savers” with handles when I realized I hadn’t told you guys about it. So – let me sing the praises of this amazing machine! 

For one thing, I have always used it to make smoothies, sure. But these things are so damn powerful they pulverize nuts, seeds, and hard vegetable stalks. That opens up the door to what you can really add to your smoothies. You’re not stuck with just the every single day bananas and berries and whatever type of milk you like. 

Speaking of powerful, you can forego the crushed ice and just use frozen fruit. Easy peasy.  Now, I thought that’d be a great idea for a hot summer day with the girls, and I’d just add bit of vodka to it and enjoy. However, other than the alcohol, I only had frozen fruit and almond milk. So when I combined them and zipped them up in the blender, I wound up making accidental alcoholic sorbet instead of a smoothie! Talk about a nice turn of events! We just shrugged and grabbed spoons along with our straws! 

Wherever we go, we try to take the bullet blender. So like, on vacations or traveling to places where we have a kitchen set-up – we take this or try to make sure the residence has one. Why? Because I don’t just make smoothies with it. 

Another favorite thing I do is, I can make custom dressings. To save on time, I will often buy the prepackaged salad/slaw combos at the store. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 the dressing is not vegan or has something that’s an allergen. So what do I do? I look at the ingredients listing for the dressing, get everything together that the company put into it (except all those preservatives) and proceed to use the bullet blender to make them myself – without the stuff we don’t want.  I really need to begin writing out those recipes! I just never really had a reason to do that til we got the website up and running. The last one I made was an amazing honey-mustard dressing for a kale based salad in a bag. The blender works like a charm on mixing those heavy ingredients into perfect blend. Because it comes with smaller cups, you don’t fuss with the big container. Not to mention, the cups I have come with screw-on lids, so if there’s any left I can seal it and pop it in the fridge for using later. 

I also use it for sauce mixing. You can toss your roux into it to mix with whatever else you want into a gravy (even if the pieces haven’t been chopped) and the blender does the work for you. I make dips and sauces in this thing all the time. My favorite has to be the ranch dip and the dill dip – two our household just cannot live without. I just dump all of the ingredients into the bullet blender and make sure it all comes together for a perfect non-dairy version of these things. 

When pulverizing or grinding things (coffee beans anyone?) just use the flat blade and remember 10 seconds separated by shaking the container for 3-5 seconds so you dislodge anything that still needs to be ground up.  

I suppose, the only warning I would give about these things is that – remember… they do not just process food; they pulverize food. You will not be getting chunks or even small pieces of food if you use this machine. You will get powder, grounds, or soupy liquid.  Always give it time to cool off between spins. You don’t want the heat to effect the food.  

There are several brands to choose from these days, but I’m providing the links to the ones I have personal experience with (or at least the closest thing to it). These would be the Bella Personal Sized Blender and the Nutribullet High-Speed Blender.

And now that I’ve looked it up, I will most likely be getting those flip-top-to-go lids for the cups! I mean, the convenience just keeps coming!


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