What is Noob Cuisine?

Imagine a man in the kitchen trying to cook…I know, it is hard to imagine, but it does happen. Well, James was one of those types of men. Outside of some staple dishes such as chili and junk omelets, he only went in there for sandwiches and microwavable meals.

Now with the change to how we eat, those quick fixes are really no longer an option. Sure, you can still find some quick microwavable items, but with the challenge of going plant-based, James decided to take on the challenge of cooking actual meals and the Noob Cuisine blog came into reality. This decision was motivated to share our journey and the great dishes we create, with you, our readers.

Even the most renowned chefs in the world started off as noobs like us.

What to Expect Here…

You will find tips  & tricks in the kitchen, reviews of products we actually use, and of course recipes.

Let’s Do This!

Time to pull out the old pots and pans, dust off the spice rack, and take a spatula in hand. We got some good cookin’ to do.

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