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Vegan Eats in Greenville SC

Vegan Eats in Greenville SC

Having the opportunity to travel for work provides a foodie, like myself, plenty of chances to try out the local food scene. My most recent contract has taken me to Greenville, SC. I have really enjoyed my time there and so far, the vegan eateries have not disappointed. Of course this blog post will update as I try out more of the restaurants so be sure to drop back by here every once in a while to see what other vegan spots Greenville, SC has to offer.

Sun Belly Cafe

This is a small cafe that I found while looking for vegan eateries in Greenville. The owners were very welcoming and the food choices were good. I had the vegan chili and the Belly Salad when I was there. Both of them were very good and tasted fresh. I can tell that they really care for how the food tastes and the customer experience. They are definitely worth trying out if you happen to be in the Greenville area for sure. At the time I am posting this, they do not have their website up and running, but they do have a fairly active Facebook Group if you want to see what people are saying about them.

Farm Fresh Fast

This restaurant serves a mixed menu so there really is something for everyone at Farm Fresh Fast. I have found myself coming back to this restaurant a lot because they are offer a No Kill, vegan menu that gives meal options that taste great to former meat eaters like myself. Things like Beyond Sloppy Joes and Buffalo Veggie Chicken Wrap are just some of the options they offer. They also pride themselves on locally sourcing all their fresh produce and meats from local area farms. So whether you are a meatatarian, vegetarian, or vegan this place offers menu items you will all enjoy.

For those who want to grab and go, Farm Fresh Fast also offers take out meals and meal prep that you can order over the phone and online then pick it up at their drive-thru window. The decor is very much farm focused and the atmosphere is welcoming. Parking can definitely be an issue during peak business hours so be sure to plan ahead before visiting.

Don’t even get me started on their gluten-free, vegan donuts… D’s Nuts are incredible, fresh and have a great assortment of flavors to choose from.

Happy + Hale

Happy + Hale was a restaurant recommended to me by the hubs. It has both regular menu items but mostly vegetarian and vegan options. So I go about trying to find it after walking the lovely Reedy River to Main Street. I found it easily enough on foot, it’s just two shops down from Main. I imagine that parking might be an issue if it’s a busy time of day. It’s a nice bustling little buffet-style restaurant with modern decor. You walk in and grab a menu or look over the big board above the bar. When you’re ready you get in line and order a specific bowl/salad OR you can go down the bar and pick and choose your ingredients. The staff then mixes everything per your instructions and it’s ready for you at the end of the line. They have a dining room and small bar for seating, but when I was there I noticed that much of their business comes from people passing through to grab and go. It makes sense considering where they’re located. Their menu is easy to use and designates whether something is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or whether it contains soy or dairy. Their menu also includes all-day breakfasts, kombucha, and smoothies (I had a smoothie and it was amazing). They have other locations in the Triangle of NC and I plan to go again and order more!

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