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My work travels took me up to the Burlington Vermont area for a bit and when I say it was a struggle to find vegan eateries up there…It was a struggle. Sure there were a few of the big mixed dining chain restaurants around, but when it came to vegan focused eateries, disappointed is the word that comes to mind.

If you find yourself travelling up to Burlington, be sure to temper your expectations. So here are the 3 local vegan spots to try:

Juice Amour

This place primarily focuses on the juicing side of things, but they do have some food options. I had the chance to try the Early Riser Tacos and the Late Riser Tacos. Both were pretty good and I had no complaints for sure. Be sure to stop in and try them out to see what menu items you end up liking.

Knead Bakery

This eatery offers a good selection of breads and cashew cheeses. It is when you pair them together that you have the makings of a great sandwich. When I stopped in there I ended up ordering the Seitan and Sun Dried Tomato sandwich. I enjoyed both the sandwich and the side salad for lunch and recommend you checking this place out.

Pingala Cafe

For me the location was great as it is located next to the Winooski River and during the warmer months of the year, this is a nice place to eat and enjoy the view. Unfortunately for me, I was up there during winter and I saw more snow and ice than I cared for. The Cafe serves a small menu of items to include, salads and sandwiches during lunch and breakfast inspired dishes in the mornings. I had The Smoke Show which is their take on a grilled cheese sandwich. I was very tasty, but the smoked carrots threw me off a bit as I would have preferred if they use mushrooms instead, but overall a thumbs up on this cafe.

And that is it in terms of vegan restaurants for Burlington Vermont. Of course you can always hit up Panera Bread or Chipotle to get a vegan meal, but for local vegan flavor don’t expect too much.


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