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I suppose you could pretty much call anything that changes food a “food processor”. But so many things change food, right? What I’m talking about comes in two sorts of styles. I know a food processor can chop and shred and slice for you. Usually it’s this big cylindrical thing that sits on the table or counter. You feed it your foods and it chops, slices, shreds – whatever you want depending upon the blade you used. You can do this by hand with manual graters or mandolins. 

I hate mandolins, btw. Every time we go into a store, the hubs asks, “Don’t we need a mandolin?” No. No, James. We do not need a mandolin! 

Why use something that’s going to cause you muscle strain, take time away from your recipe, and possibly maim your hand, when you can use a food processor? It’s electric or manual, but it does the job so quickly! I love mine. 

What do I have? Nothing fancy. I gave my big processor to a friend – perhaps a little too quickly? At the time, it was just me, James, and Jack. So, I was getting rid of all the big stuff. Now we have all the kids back in the house, and I kind of wish I still had that large capacity food Processor. It was difficult to store, but it came in handy when needed double the recipe amount for 6 people! 

Now, I have the same smaller processor I’ve had for a decade. It handles 5 – 7 cups with no issue. It grinds dry foods, it chops and mixes things, it slices vegetables, when I don’t feel like handling that myself. I have made entire recipes in it and only had to dump the product out onto a pan. I wipe down the base, put it away, and the rest I wash. I don’t have a dishwasher, but if I did, I could just put this in there. No problem. 

It’s a smaller version, I don’t actually see it being made anymore, but I do see a Black and Decker wide-mouth version online for $35 right now. I believe it only cost me $29.99 when I bought it. And why am I saying this? Because there are a lot of fancy name-brand kitchen appliances out there. You can pay over $100 for a food processor from certain brands. But you don’t necessarily need to get something like that for it to work. Mine has been going strong for years, like I said. 

One thing I definitely did go kind of fancy on? I had a Pampered Chef party at my house so I could get a discount on their Manual Food Processor. It is one of my favorite kitchen tools! 

If I don’t feel like getting the bigger food processor out, and the recipe isn’t all that large?  I can just cut up the pieces, use this little tool, and I have minced or chopped – whatever I want – ready and all I have to do is push down on the plunger mechanism. No mess outside and perfectly handled goodness on the inside. Plus, if I don’t use everything I chop? It comes with a lid. I can put it in the fridge as a storage container. You can also lock the handle in place while it’s stored.

This is how most of my recipes begin – anything that gets cooked up front (onions, mushrooms, garlic, peppers, etc…) usually goes through this little contraption first.  

And don’t get me started on making avocado spread with it! Oh…My… 

¼ cup worth of red onion

Two avocados peeled and pitted

One large radish

One clove of garlic

½ tablespoon of lime juice

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Dash of salt and pepper


Spread it on toasted bread and enjoy! Save the rest for later – if you have any left. 

The manual food processor holds 3 cups. It comes with the blade that seats in the bowl, the pump-handled lid that seats in the top of the blade post, and a storage lid. All of it is dishwasher safe, but you shouldn’t submerge the pump-handled lid – it can get water inside of it and that can cause problems. It’s so easy to use and easy to clean. Unless I have stuff left over to put in the fridge, I just wash mine by hand and let it dry where I store it. I’ve had mine for five years and had no problems with it at all!  

I just wanted to share this with you, because I really feel like these two small appliances are central to my cooking. And I wanted you to know about them in case you’re on the lookout for something that will help you save time, your fingers, and your wrists in the kitchen.  

You can usually find medium to large food processors in any store that sells small kitchen appliances. That’s no biggie. You choose the size and value that works best for you. 

But, if you want one of the manual food processors, please look into booking an online Pampered Chef party with my pal Tracy. 

I hate that we can’t have a big get together in my house where she demonstrates her gadgets by making a recipe happen before our eyes. 

Yes! It’s because I love the cooking and eating portion of the demonstration. That’s no secret! 

However, she does an amazing job with online hosting and you get discounts on things you may want to purchase by being an official host to a party. You could win prizes, no matter what! Be sure to check out her Pampered Chef Store for products and to contact her to book an online party or look for a Pampered Chef rep in your local area. 

If you want more information or have some suggestions of your own, please let me know!  

And in the meantime, 



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