KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment Review

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The last time I saw a contraption that peeled and sliced and cored an apple was when my father-in-law revealed to us a hand turning peeler he had purchased in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We were all just mystified by it and enjoyed using the thing. The core was left there and all the apple could now be used and sliced while being peeled. We got a laugh, ate some apples and then he put the thing away. It was as bulky as my mixer and it only did the one, magical thing.

Fast forward to last year, when I saw a similar device for my KitchenAid mixer. The thing came in a nice storage case that I still use. That way the blades don’t get lost among the mess and chaos that is a shared kitchen.  You are simply using the motor of the stand mixer to run any attachment it has. This can be a huge labor-saver. For instance, you can let it do this work while you attend to the things already cooking on the stove.

The metal base that actually fits into the front of the KitchenAid is heavy and well-made. Once you have that secured, you can then decide which place you want to use. My particular choice of attachment product came with 7 different blades!

There’s a peeling blade. It’s so a-peeling! Ha! Yeah. I’ll stop now.

There are 3 spiralizing blades: medium, fine, and extra fine.

There are 3 coring blades: large core slicing, small core slicing, and thin slicing.

I don’t just use these things for spiralizing my veggies (mainly beets and zucchini) for veggie pasta. I also use it for apples so that I can make a ton of recipes with my apple slices. You let it slice the apple, then you take those slices from the core and run a knife down to further cut them into pieces for your recipes. I love these in my famous Baked Apple Crunch – the rest of the family loves it, too! 

I try to cut out as much carbohydrate-from-other-sources as possible in my diet, so the veggie spiralizer was a must. But before I got this attachment, I would use up at least half of my prep time in this act alone. I had a good spiralizer, but it was hand-crank. Since I already had the mixer, I figured, why not save me some time? For the time saved, I feel like this purchase was definitely worth the money spent on it. 

I use the wider noodles for my stir-fry dishes instead of lo-mein noodles. I use the thinner veggie noodles in place of spaghetti for various dishes.

I may not make my own pasta (yet), but if you’re into making pasta (and you can definitely make healthier pasta than what you find in the store) the KitchenAid offers an attachment for that as well. I haven’t tried it, but I probably will someday. Fresh pasta doesn’t have all of the preservatives in it and can have additional nutrients added to it that your family needs. So this option is definitely a viable one. Not to mention, fresh pasta has a much better texture to the mouth than dried pasta. 

I hope this review has helped you!  


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