KitchenAid Slicer/Shredder Attachment Review

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My first purchase of attachments for my KitchenAid mixer was a set of slicing and shredding blades along with the metal attachment into which they fit. Goodbye busted knuckles! Goodbye worries of slicing my fingers on the mandoline! Though, I swear every time we go to the store, the hubs asks if I need one. Dude! I have given away 2 of those things. No, I don’t need another food mandoline. I mean, if you like those things? Awesome! But I’m gonna stick to this.

My first mistake? Getting rid of the box they came in. I should have kept that! It would have kept everything together neatly. Unfortunately, I’ve had to “find” my stuff after kids put it away in the wrong place. Now, at least last time I looked, they were all in a small tin pan together. So, if you purchase these products, my suggestion is to keep the box for easier storage.

The set up is easy peasy. If you have a lot of slicing and shredding to do and you want it done quickly and efficiently, this works perfectly every time. It’s fantastic for those large meal planning sessions or for the Crunch Salad that I like to make.

First, you attach the main processor, which is made of sturdy metal. Then, you decide which blade you want to use. There are three blades with mine – a slicer, a coarse blade, and a fine blade. 

The slicer is pretty self-explanatory. For instance, the crunch salads I make use that blade for the cucumbers, cabbage, and radishes. My only gripe is that it only came with one slicing blade, so if you find one on the market with different blades to give you thicker or thinner slices as needed, I’d get that set. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen KitchenAid attachment sets with these 3 blades. 

Then, there’s the coarse shredding blade. I’ve used that for cheese as well as for – in the case of this salad – the carrots. 


The fine shredding blade is best for if you want to make a powder out of something. For the crunch salad, I toss nuts in there to make a fine powder to sprinkle all over the salad. After I use my dry ingredients, I have been known to drain chickpeas from a can and run them through. This makes more of a paste, but it can definitely be mixed in with the rest of the salad to add protein.   

These things come apart easily and I can swap blades out quickly. I hand wash everything, but they are dishwasher safe as well.

 I’ve been told you can use the fine shredding blade for coffee, but I’ve not tested that. It seems like it would work, considering I’ve used it on walnuts and almonds. 

And keep in mind – that means you’re honestly making flour… nut flour is very expensive when it’s premade in the store. So if you run across a good deal on the nuts themselves, this thing can be used to make the nuts into a coarse flour.

All in all, this was a great purchase for me. It saves me time and is easy to use and clean. Not to mention, I’m notorious for injuring myself with the slicing mandolins and the hand-held graters. So, I now use fewer bandaids! 


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