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This is one of those recipes wherein, you’re really not measuring anything. If you have a bunch of people to feed, you get and prep a bunch more ingredients. If you just have you or you and a friend, it’s very simple. 

First thing I do is grab the ingredients: Carrots, green cabbage, red cabbage, radishes, cucumbers, nuts, a type of seed or a mix of them, your favorite dressing. Optionally, you can add cooked and cooled chickpeas to the end salad for added protein. I’m lazy, and usually just drain and rinse some canned chickpeas for that. 

I have my KitchenAid stand mixer always ready, waiting for anything to do. I call her Henrietta. She’s red. I just felt Henrietta was appropriate for some reason. Anyway, moving on – Henrietta needs the Slicer/Shredder attachment. If you don’t have your own version of Henrietta, you can use any means you like of slicing and shredding your ingredients. For this recipe, I use all three blades in my attachment. 

Slices, first! I use the slicer to slice up the appropriate amount of cucumbers and cabbage. For me and one or two others, that’s going to be one – two cucumbers, several medium radishes, ¼ head of green cabbage, and ¼ head of red cabbage. Slice your ingredients. You should have more cucumbers than anything else and cabbage comes in second. When you slice the cabbage, it actually comes out looking shredded. Nifty, huh? 

Next, we’re going to coarse shred the carrots. That’s easy-peasy. Keep in mind, you can just use the same bowl, if you want. Or, you can use seperate bowls for each thing if you want to set them up  to look fancy in presentation. Up to you. 

The last blade we use will be the fine grating/shredding blade. I usually toast my nuts a bit before I use them in this recipe. That can be happening while you are shredding the other stuff. But you don’t have to toast anything! It can just be your favorite kind of nut, ground into a coarse powder. I like almonds. It’s a suggestion and a statement. That is all. 

You’re going to sprinkle this over your salad along with your choice of seeds.

For seeds, I like a mixture of flax, chia, and hemp. Some people like a combo of just flax and chia and forgo the hemp. It’s all about what you want. I will also suggest here, that if you like sesame – toasted sesame seeds are yummy with this salad. 

If you want a nice presentation, mix the cucumbers and cabbage for your bed, then place your carrots, then some radishes, and finally toss the ground nuts and seeds on top. Your guests can choose a dressing and mix the dish up however they like it beyond that. My preference? Oil and vinegar mixed with a bit of sugar. But you do you! 


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