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We are James and Rachel Adams. Welcome to our happy space. We have always been foodies at heart so we created this blog to share our love of food with you and hopefully inspire fellow noob cooks to pick up that spatula and make something amazing.

Quick Info:

Location: Durham, NC
Age: We definitely ain’t spring chickens!
Years Married: 26 (WAY TOO MANY!!)
Favorite Food: We have to chose?
Food Philosophy: K.I.S.S. Method

James and Rachel

Our Story

Well…For the entirety of our marriage, we have both enjoyed great food. We were both quintessential omnivores until recently. You see, as we both have gotten older, we have started developing medical issues and really just feeling crappy all the time. It is amazing how decisions made when you were younger and bullet-proof catch up to you over the years.

So after understanding that our issues won’t disappear with wishful thinking, we both decided to make a change. This is when veganism came into our lives. We did it for our health and nothing more.

Of course, I didn’t go quietly into the night and switch because I loooovvvveeee beef products and I had always heard that by switching to a plant based diet, you lose all that flavor. Boy was I wrong!

We have been at this lifestyle change for a while now and I can honestly say that I don’t crave any of the old foods I used to eat even thought it does still smell really good being cooked on an open flame.

Our Promise

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We put a lot of time, effort and expertise into producing the best content we can for your benefit and we hope you find it as helpful as we have intended it to be.

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